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A side shot of the green field maneuver hat.
Red Green Green Field maneuver hat/cap
Back shot detail of green field maneuver cap
Close up of inside tag with the Possum Lodge logo.
Side profile of Red Green wearing the green field maneuver hat.
Sold Out

    Official Red Green’s Field Maneuvers Cap


      Your face already looks like Red's, now your head can too. Fans have been asking for this for years and we finally have them for sale. 

      Get a little piece of entertainment history with the "Official Red Green Signature Field Maneuvers Cap." It's more than fabric and thread; it's an emblem of camaraderie.

      Classic forest green. 


      Product details 

      Fit: True to size. Sizes are Medium (57cm), Large (58.5cm), and XL (61cm).

      Fabric: 100% Cotton

      Care: Hand wash and air dry

      Offered: All year round


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      Joe B.

      Didnt have a med , then out of a large, got the XL, it fits just like Reds,,, LOVE IT. Guy at the pizza shop wanted to trade me a large pizza for my hat, I said no way, do you know what this is? He recognized it! Buy it you’ll love it and people will be envious of you

      jason v.
      Field maneuvers cap

      Love the cap seems to be made well and a great addition to my collection

      Paul W.
      Before now, I only thought I was a man.

      Until this moment, I held myself up as a specimen of masculinity. I worked a man's job, I had man's hobbies. I was hunting, fishing, working on cars, I smelled of gasoline and tobacco, gunpowder and whiskey. On a whim zi revisited a cherished memory and introduced my son to the glory that is...TRGS. In doing soi began to have questions...doubts. Where were my suspenders? My hat collection was robust...but somehow...lacking. I decided to see if I could find an Official Canadian Maneuvers hat. To my surprise and joy, there it was as of waiting for me. I ordered and it was promptly delivered well within the timeline promised. When I opened the package, my clean shaven face inexplicably sprouted a thick course beard. As I lifted the hat to my head, my voice dropped the octaves. I placed it upon my head, a power drill and a roll of duct tape appeared in my hands, as if by magic. My wife walked in the room at that very moment, and tears of joy sprang in the corners of her eyes. "It's glorious" is all she said before being overcome and falling to the floor. My children instantly stopped what they were doing, and saluted me. They said the pledge of allegiance then wandered off muttering something about the "Dirty commies". I went out to my sensible family SUV, and to my surprise, a 1979 Ram Van was parked in it's place. I'm not sure what happened next, but suddenly, I was Mayor of my town. All in all, I'd say this was a bargain at twice the price.


      Great hat. Fast shipping.

      Bill L.
      WV FAN

      Upon receiving the hat I was a little disappointed to see it was mashed flat and creased. After getting it wet and reworking its shape it looks somewhat better. If I keep working on it it will be spot on l like it

      We appreciate your feedback regarding the condition of your hat upon arrival. Your resourceful approach to wetting and reshaping the hat is noted and can be helpful to others. We are actively working on improving our packaging for a better experience.