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 International Possum Brotherhood Possum Lodge Crest Wood Grain Large Wall Decal Sticker
Display of the International Possum Brotherhood Possum Lodge Crest Wood Grain Large Wall Decal in a tool shop
UGC Possum Lodge Member (IG) @fishing.with.wesley

    Possum Lodge Crest | Large Wall Decal 24” x 20”


      Now you can turn your space into your own local Possum Lodge chapter, right in your corner of the world! Don't forget to tag us and show us! 

      With our new Possum Lodge Crest wall decal, measuring 24” x 20” and featuring a wood grain design with a clear background, you can infuse your surroundings with the spirit of camaraderie and ingenuity that defines the lodge. Claim your space and proudly display your allegiance to Possum Lodge today.

      You can apply this wall decal anywhere you want to add a touch of Possum Lodge charm! Whether it's in your garage, workshop, woman cave, or even on the exterior of your shed or cabin, this decal is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Let this wall decal let the world know that your space is proudly part of the Possum Lodge family!

      Product Details: 

      Material: Custom Vinyl 

      Size: 24" x 20" Die Cut

      Details: 3.2 mil thick block bubble-free adhesive

      Care: Weatherproof and UV Resistant

      Handy Application Instructions: Adheres best to smooth, clean dry surfaces

      • Use your measuring tools to pick the spot. No need for perfection here, just eyeball it till it looks good.
      • Lay the decal on a flat surface and use a squeegee or makeshift squeegee to smooth it out.
      • Grab some borrowed masking tape across the top of the decal to hold in place. Think of it like a hinge on a door - it's what lets you flip the decal up and peel the back off without it running away on you. 
      • Stick 'er down. Lower the decal slowly, and push from the middle out with your squeegee. Work out any bubbles. If it fights you, fight back harder. You're the human here. 
      • Remember, if the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy. And nothing says handy like a perfectly placed wall decal. 

      Offered: Member's Only


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      John “.W.
      A wonderful Addition to the Lodge!

      Once I got my head fully in the game (because my hands were busy and I needed to do a rethink) the project came together nicely! All ready for the wall… This decal rocks! Easy to apply and highly recommended! Please note that anything not wood grain on the decal is see through so choose your background wisely. Perfect for anyone’s Lodge!

      Dave I.

      Love how big the sticker is!


      These are very well done, I will be pitting them up in the new place, I just wanted to get them ordered beforehand in case they were sold out after my move

      John G.
      On my list

      I have not yet had a chance to properly place in in a prominent place on our. When I do I will send photos. I can see the quality and design are top notch.