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Patrick McKenna as Harold Green

Meet Your Member - Harold Green Edition

Portrayed by: Patrick McKenna

Seasons on the Show: 1-15 

Character Traits: Harold's genuine nerdy enthusiasm and awkward charm is endearing. He is knowns for his inept handyman skills, which leads to many  comedic mishaps. Harold's intellectual curiosity is evident in his observations about the world and his humorous commentaries on society and technology. His unique perspective adds depth to his character's quirks and he is a favorite among fans. 

Clothing: Harold is often seen wearing oversized glasses. As part of his nery and endearing personal, he is often seen in slightly formal yet somewhat outdated fashion including button-up shirts, suspenders, and slacks. He is known for wearing mismatched socks and can often be seen wearing ties (another attempt at a polished appearance). 

Audience Favorite: Harold's "Handyman Corner" mishaps, attempts to impress women, and catchphrase "I'm pulling for you" resonate most with fans. His love of learning, observations on modern life, and misguided confidence bring lots of laughs. His dynamic with characters like Mike and Bill, as well as his evolving friendship with Red, add depth that people can relate to. The audiences appreciate Harold's growth from naive youth to a more confident individual. 

Chemistry with the Other Characters: The relationship between Harold and his Uncle Red is a cornerstone of the show. Their dynamic is a blend of mentorship, familial love, and good-natured teasing. Red is often seen imparting handyman advice to Harold, while Harold's enthusiastic yet sometimes misguided attempts at various endeavors create comedic situations and witty banter.


Bill Smith: Harold's friendship with Bill is marked by shared misadventures. Bill's role as the world's worst handyman and Harold's earnestness often clash, resulting in humorous predicaments. Their camaraderie showcases the  contrast between Bill's mishaps  and Harold's well-intentioned but  unsuccessful efforts. What's your  favorite interaction? 

 Mike Hamar: Harold's interactions   with Mike, the rugged and macho   character, bring out their differing personalities. Mike's attempts to assert his masculinity and Harold's attempts to impress often lead to playful one-upmanship and comedic rivalry. 
Duct Tape Forever - The Movie
Winston Rothchilds III: Harold's interactions with Winston, the upper-class and sophisticated character, showcased their contrasting backgrounds. Winston's grandeur often clashed with Harold's humility, creating humorous scenarios as they navigated their differences.


About Patrick McKenna


Patrick is a Canadian born actor. In addition to his role as Harold, Patrick McKenna has been involved in various other television, film, and theater projects in Canada. He has showcased his comedic talents in a range of performances, contributing to the Canadian comedy scene.

 Harold GreenAfter the show: The Red Green Show" Legacy: Patrick McKenna remained associated with the legacy of "The Red Green Show," participating in events, reunions, and projects related to the show's enduring popularity.

Film and Television: McKenna starred in the Canadian television series "Traders," which aired from 1996 to 2000. He played the character Marty Stephens, a role that showcased his acting versatility beyond the comedic realm. He has made appearances in various film and television projects, often showcasing his acting range in both comedic and dramatic roles.

Voice Acting: McKenna lent his voice to various animated projects, including roles in shows like "Blazing Dragons" and "The Ripping Friends."

Comedy and Theater: He continued his involvement in the comedy scene, participating in live comedy performances and theater productions. He showcased his comedic talents through stand-up and theatrical performances.

Writing and Producing: He ventured into writing and producing, contributing his creative talents to various projects.

Patrick McKenna remains engaged in the entertainment industry, taking on diverse roles that allow him to further explore his skills as an actor and performer.