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Steve and Dave Recording the Possum Lodge Podcast
This podcast is NOT Like other podcasts

And if you are a fan of our TV Show, that is probably good news for you.

Possum Lodge Podcast

Possum Lodge Podcast

Instead of being like most Podcasts where you have a bunch of guys sitting around talking nonsense off the top of their heads, our Podcast is going to be a bunch of guys sitting around talking nonsense from a SCRIPT.

Just like the TV show, this will be a scripted half-hour of comedy in the Possum Lake area for your enjoyment. You will hear from guys you already know, like Red and Harold and Winston and Dalton and Ranger Gord, but you’re also gonna meet a bunch of new characters. All are part of the Possum Lake community – the vet, the funeral director, the sheriff, the preacher, etc. etc.

On top of that, you will finally hear from guys like Moose Thomson and Stinky Peterson - where you will learn why we never let them speak before. We’re pretty excited to bring the show to you in a new, audio-only format, which will allow us to do things we never could on television, like get even fatter and not wear make-up or clothing.

And for you older folks out there, we hope this reminds you of gathering around the radio as a kid letting your imagination get some exercise. Possum Lodge has always existed in our imaginations anyway. As has our exercise. Thanks for joining in at whatever level fits your fiscal portfolio.

Red and Dave

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Steve and Dave Recording the Possum Lodge Podcast

Throwback Dave & Steve - Circa - A long long time ago

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