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Endearing Yet Hapless - Bill Smith

Meet Your Member - Bill Smith Edition 

Portrayed by: Rick Green

Seasons on the show: All 15 Seasons Bill Smith portrayed by Rick Green

Character Traits: Bill Smith was portrayed as somewhat clumsy, accident-prone, and generally unlucky. He often found himself in comically absurd predicaments due to his well-intentioned but often misguided attempts at various activities.

Clothing: Bill was often seen wearing mismatched clothing and a fishing hat, which added to his overall quirky appearance.  His outfits didn't always coordinate, giving him a slightly disheveled and carefree appearance. He often wore clothing that seemed practical for his often unconventional activities and comedic misadventures.

Recurring Segments:  “Adventures with Bill” (black and white segments); accident prone;  - where Bill would attempt various stunts, hobbies, or projects, which almost always ended in failure or chaos. These segments were known for their physical comedy and slapstick humor.

Black and White Adventures with Bill

Bill Smith Season 5

Bill's Famous Catchphrase: "I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess," became one of the most iconic lines from the show.

Relationship with Red: While Bill was known for his often unsuccessful endeavors, he shared a friendly and somewhat paternal relationship with Red Green, the main character. Red would often give Bill advice or try to help him out of his various predicaments. 

Red gives him advice, and Bill just takes it and runs with it, straight into some new ridiculous situation. Their banter is pure comedy gold. And don't even get us started on how he fits in with the whole Possum Lodge gang. 

Steve Smith and Rick Green

Season 6 

About Rick Green 

The actor Rick Green is known for his physical comedy and timing. His portrayal of Bill Smith was spot-on, and he brings so much life to the character. 

Rick was not only a cast member but also one of the creators of "The Red Green Show." He co-created the show with Steve Smith (who played Red Green) and co-wrote many of the episodes. This creative involvement allowed him to infuse his own humor and personality into the character.

Fun Facts

Rick Green has a background in psychology and has worked as a therapist and educator in addition to his comedy career. He actually based the character on his childhood friend Bill Buchanan. Buchanan was known for his misadventures and his ability to turn even the simplest tasks into comedic escapades.

After the Show: Rick Green worked on educational projects related to mental health and ADHD awareness. He created documentaries and educational content to increase understanding and reduce stigma surrounding these topics.