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The Red Green Show: Steve Smith as Red Green

Meet Your Member - Red Green Edition

Portrayed by: Steve Smith 

Red Green on Set of the Red Green ShowSeason on the show: 1-15 

Character Traits: Red Green is characterized as a resourceful, practical, and witty individual. He's known for his humorous and unorthodox solutions to everyday problems, as well as his leadership of the Possum Lodge community.

Recurring Segments & Themes: Red Green is involved in several recurring segments, including "The Handyman Corner," where he presents creative and often hilarious DIY projects. He also hosts the "Possum Lodge Word Game" and provides opening monologues.

Clothing: Red is often seen wearing his iconic plaid shirt, suspenders, and a distinctive hat.

Audience Favorite: Audiences appreciate Red Green's witty humor, inventive solutions, and his role as the leader of the Possum Lodge. His catchphrase has become an iconic and endearing part of the show.

Chemistry with the Other Characters: Red's chemistry with the other characters is marked by his ability to navigate the eccentricities of each lodge member. He often reacts with bemusement or clever retorts to their actions, contributing to the show's humor.


About Steve Smith

Writing and Production: In addition to his on-screen role, Smith played a significant role in writing and producing "The Red Green Show." He contributed to the show's scripts, sketches, and overall creative direction. He is still involved in the monthly Possum Lodge meetings and podcast. 

Live Performances: Steve Smith brought his comedic talents to live performances. He toured with various live shows that featured comedy sketches, storytelling, and interactions with the audience. Red Green Show


Beyond "Red Green": While "The Red Green Show" was a significant part of his career, Smith has also been involved in other projects. He has appeared in films and television shows, often bringing his humor to various roles

Authorship: Smith is an accomplished author, having written several books based on his Red Green character. These books often offer humorous insights, life lessons, and anecdotes.

Fun Facts

Steve Smith, who portrayed Red Green, co-created the show and played a crucial role in its writing and production. Red Green's character and his unique approach to solving problems have made him a beloved figure among fans.

After the show: Following the conclusion of "The Red Green Show," Steve Smith continued to be involved in entertainment, including writing and performing. He has also toured with live shows, engaging with fans and sharing his comedic talents.

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