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Red's Reviews

We loved the show last night in Spindale, NC....we are still laughing..... - Rita

Really enjoyed your show lastnight in Spindale, NC.

Looking forward to your next tour. - Mike

Was in Spindale NC last night for your final show on the 2012 tour!!! Great show and great to see you in person after

all those years of watching and enjoying your show with my husband. Great memories and we are still enjoying rewatching on YouTube. Thanks!!! – Cindi

Went to your show in Forest City (Isothermal Community College) and it was a hoot. Your shows went off the air
several years ago from the SC Public TV--we missed you and hope you get back on soon. I'm still laughing--great fun, thanks. - Jeff

Great show in Frederick, MD. Its an understatement to say that my wife and I laughed a lot. – Warren
Awesome Awesome show Red. I have been hooked since the first episode I watched. Thanks for the laughs my friend. - Danny

It was great to see you in Charleston. My mother and I really enjoyed meeting and talking with you. Hope you have a great time in West Virginia! - Emil

Your show inspires me! - Bill

Went to the show in Charlestown, WV. last night it was great! I will go to the new tour in 2014. - David

Saw the show in Charleston, WV last night. Laughed myself sick. Keep your stick on the ice!! - Nancy

Thank you for coming to Ky. My better half and I thoroughly enjoyed it Looking forward to 2014 tour YOU ROCKED!!! - Skeets

Great show last night in Owensboro KY - Danny

Great show in Nashville tonight. Thank you!! - Rita

Love that you were in NashVegas tonight!! Great show! - LaCresha

Thanks for making Nashville a stop on your tour. We needed to laugh! - Sheila

The show in Nashville last night was GREAT - Kate

Awesome show last night in Nashville!! See ya in 2014! - Drew

Thanks for the fantastic show in Providence this evening, Red! My husband & I laughed all night... - Cindy

Thanks for coming to Providence tonight! It was a wonderful evening filled with laughter. After a challenging week, your "wit and wisdom" was greatly appreciated! P.S. Bought your book tonight, too. Looks like great fun. - Anne

Loved your show tonight in Providence! Although I did think my father was going to pass out on me, he couldn't breathe he was laughing so hard! Thanks so much! - Josh

Great show in Portland last night, you even had my wife laughing. Thanks for coming to Maine and come back soon. - Gerry

I really enjoyed the show in Portland last night. Thanks for coming. – Jeremy

Great show tonight at Merrill Auditorium! Thanks for coming to Portland, ME! - Michelle

Great show in Portland ME tonight! - Lisa

Thank you, a great show at the Colonial Theatre in Keene, N.H. Thank you so much for the hard work. That is a lot of travelling. - Tom

We're being entertained by you right now in Peterborough. Great show - Terri

I had a great time at your show in Fairbanks Alaska! - Andrew

Thank you for coming to Portland, Oregon. I had a thoroughly wonderful evening. I know everyone else did, too. - Steve

We loved having you come to South Dakota! Thank you! - Chip

Thanks for coming to Denver. It was such a good show, truly a great evening come back soon! - Azu

Thanks for the fun time!!! - Francis

My sister and I wanted to thank you for making our fathers 60th bday present a blast! We have never seen him laugh so hard! - Kaitlen

GREAT show last night! Enjoy Montana on your next stop! - Susan

Saw you in Spokane, loved your show. - Matthew

Loved your show last night in Spokane. THANK YOU! - Suzanne

Saw the show last night and we loved it! My face is still sore from all that laughing. Thanks! ;-) - Doug

Thanks for coming to Spokane again! A great show and a lot of fun. I guess Buster lied to me when I was over at Port Asbestos for Asphalt Day, he told me there was an emergency lodge meeting, I showed up to the show in my lodge vest.....no one else showed up!!!!!! He wanted my Asphalt for his driveway......... - Dan

Great show in Fairbanks! Laughed so hard I could hardly recite the Mans Prayer! - Vicki

Saw you in Anchorage, Was there with my Grandpa who dutifully wore his Red and Green suspenders! Loved the show and laughed a lot! - Daniel

Saw your show tonight in Spokane and you signed my grandson Avery's shirt. Thanks for the great show, - Doreen

We had a GREAT time at the PAC listening to Red Green!!! - Elaine

Thank you Sir for your Thursday evening show here in Anchorage! Come back again soon. In the meantime I'll enjoy your reruns! Keepin' my stick on the ice... - TC

Thank you so much for coming to town! We loves the show last night! - Tanya

Great show. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing your talent. - Ken

Just went to see Red Green tonight in Tacoma. He was great, so glad I went :) - Lynda

Thank you for the great show at the Fox Theater in Riverside, California. My really tall husband, with the 'drink holder' and really short me had a great time. - Stephanie

Great show in Riverside Calif , THX - Dave

Really enjoyed the show in Phx. Thanks again! - Greg

One of the greatest birthdays me and wife have had in awhile. Thanks for coming to town! - Doug

Thanks for coming to Phoenix. Great show. - Sandra

Good job sir ;-) - Devin

Was there a twin of yours at phoenix too? Saw one in Branson! - Thomas

You won't be disappointed!! Saw him in Wilkes-Barre. Great Show!! - John

My daughter took her Daddy to see u at LaCrosse Viterabo fine arts.. They loved u.... - Judy

You didn't have nearly as much fun as we did. Will never know what possessed you to come to PHX in July, but we appreciate it... - Charley

Loved seeing you in Phoenix! - Beth

Thanks for making a stop in Phoenix, AZ. Please come back again anytime. Great show . - Johnny

Fun night In Phoenix - Tony

Red, the Dallas show was worth every penny and months of waiting for. You always make my husband and I laugh. Thanks for the memories. - Dallas

Dallas show was awesome, thanks for the wisdom! - Michael

Truly enjoyed your show in Dallas this evening You’re AWSOME!!!!! - Christine

Saw you in Dallas tonight - thanks for 2 hours of laughter! - Tanja

At the show in Wichita I laughed, I cried, I wet my pants... then the show started so it didn't matter. – Philip

Thanks for the laughs last night! Had a blast! We love your show. Keep your stick on the ice. We're all in this together..... - Venesa

My husband & I loved the show last night in Tulsa Ok. - Janice

Loved the show in Tulsa last night. Thanks for stopping by! - Noel

Your show Saturday in Wichita was amazing! - David

GREAT show tonite In Tulsa, OK...was able to surprise my husband with tickets....not an easy task!!! He loved it (I knew he would....he always loved the TV show, as did I). Good looking T-shirts too!!!
Come back soon!!!!!! - Vicki

Just saw the show in Tulsa, I took my dad for his 60th birthday, loved it! - Damon

Great show at Wichita Kansas last night really enjoyable. - Dee

Loved the show in Denver! My mom said it was the best Mother's Day gift ever. Next time you will have to schedule a show in Rapid City, SD, so she doesn't have to travel so far! Thanks for all the laughs! – Jessica

Enjoyed your show at the Orpheum last night. Thanks for the autographs. – Don

Great show in Denver tonight, thank you for coming! - Azu

Saw the show in Tulsa tonite, really enjoyed it. Come back soon. - Grayson

Saw the show tonight. I had a great time, thank you! - Bea

Great show in Wichita Kansas. - Karen

Watching Red Green tonight and it hit me how much Ranger Gord reminds me of Mitt Romney! - Danette

Enjoyed your show tonight in Tulsa. Thanks for the laughs! - David

I loved it! Got him to autograph suspenders & his book. - Keziah

Thank you for coming to Denver! – Layla

I am one of those young people loved ur show last night. - Amber

Great show in Lincoln last night Red! - Paul

Awesome show in Lincoln, NE last night! I don’t think I have seen my husband laugh that much in years. Thanks for the great time! - Jennifer

Great show in Lincoln, NE last night! Lots of wit and a little wisdom! - Cindy

Loved the show tonight in Lincoln NE, thanks for coming! - Jeff

Great time with Dad 2nite. Red Green was awesome...made me wet myself! Wish I could of been in the meet-n-greet, but I have to work 2morrow - Eric

I was invited by friends to go see your show in Lindsay, Ontario, last fall....and it was terrific! So much fun and very entertaining! Thanks, Red! (Steve) - Michaela

One of the funniest shows I've ever seen! - Patrick

Enjoyed the show. Loved the handyman prayer. Wish I could remember to tell Larry. So many funny sayings. I would go again. – Linda

I was wearing my " I love Red Green " shirt and my husband had on his" Duct Tape Forever" shirt. We had them made special for this occasion! - Karen

Saw you in Mitchell, SD on Saturday and you exceeded my funny bone's expectations as I figured you would! Great job and I would defiantly go again, and bring my wife this time! - Christopher

Great show in Mitchell & thanks for staying to sign everyone's memorabilia! Love your book! - Hazel

The Duluth show was awesome! Best live show I have been to. - Tommy

Great show last night in St Paul, MN! We were there with 3-generations of fans and all of us really enjoyed it! Thanks! – Denise

Thanks for coming to the world's only Corn Palace! The show was great! - Brian

Intermission at the St Paul show! Hilarious! Tickets to this show is an anniversary gift to my hubby of 21 years - thanks so much for making it memorable! - Susan

I loved you in The Highlander! – Margot Saw you in Mitchell tonight! Thanks so much for making me laugh! - Marlene

Great show tonight in Mitchell, SD! - Merry Great show in Marquette, I really enjoyed it! - Dave

We just came back from your show in Marquette. Wonderful! And the best part was my wife gratefully accepted the tickets in lieu of one of my more traditional anniversary gifts. We've been married 19 years, and it looks like I'm in luck for another 19. Our best to you and Bernice. I hope you've enjoyed our town. Robert

Just saw your show in Duluth and It was FANTASTIC. I just loved it. I got a picture taken with you and I will cherish it forever. I can't believe I got to meet Red Green. You are one of my idols. - Denice

4 of us from Gwinn went...we were roaring....he is my husband's hero! - Susan

Awesome show so far! I just might buy some crap after the show ! - Annie

Thanks so much for coming to Duluth! We really enjoyed seeing you!! Hope you come back again someday. We'd come again. - Sandy

The kids got us ticket to your show in St. Paul on Monday night we had a great time. Second row seats an arms length from the stage. Loved your show. - Phyllis

Saw your show in Branson. My wife and I have never laughed so much. It was better than any marriage therapy counselor. I also didn't know you are such a talented singer. PS. I am the moron who told you how to spell "Steve" when you personalized my copy of your book. – Steve

I saw your show tonight in Fort Wayne. You were great! I have not laughed so hard in a long time. I hope you will do another show in this area. - Deborah

Great show in St. Paul! Thanks for coming back again! Brought six guys from my church and my daughter-- does that count as a religious experience? – Nick

Thanks for a fun night. We had a blast!!! - Amy

Thanks for the great time in Minnesota!! Thank you so much for taking the time to meet us "southerners". My son said the best part of the night was getting to shake your hand! Thanks again and good luck with keeping your stick on the ice.... ya know, 3 points of contact is so much better than just 2. - Keith

That's my theater!!! It's was wonderful having you at The O'Shaughnessy and hope you'll return in the future!! - Jennifer

You (Red Green) look like my Dad, in fact, you look so much like my Dad I think I should be able to ask you for my allowance. - James

I missed this meeting of the International Possum Brotherhood, but I did make the one at the Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barrie.....and it was worth the 600 mile drive (roundtrip) Member# 691516 in good standing! - Larry

Saw you at the Adler! Great show! - Dan

We had a great time at your St. Kate's show! I can see us up in the center "nose bleed" section! We are right behind Dr. Who and several of the plaided lodge members. - Linda

Thanks for the great show in Peoria. I can die a happy man now. I've seen a ballgame in old Yankee Stadium and seen Red Green. - Jim

Thanks for coming to Branson. Hope you come back many more times. - Jack

I loved your show last night in Evansville. I sat in the second row, stage left. Big guy with shirt and suspenders. If you had called on me, I was going to be the unseen Junior Singleton. - Bill

Red, thanks for the great show last night at the Kirby Center!! Our family had a wonderful evening. I haven't laughed that much in a looooong time!! - Mike

Loved your show tonight at the Macomb Center. Thanks for signing my t-shirt! - Ed

Thanks for a great show in Toledo last night. My dad had a blast watching you last night. He will cherish the board game you autographed for a lifetime. My wife quickly learned though just a few of you episodes what is was like from a man's perspective on marriage I and think we definitely grew from your advice. Thanks for all the great memories. - Kendall

Red, saw you in South Bend, IN last Thursday! What an awesome show. I coerced my sister to go with me and it was a HOOT! THANKS! - Rick

It was great to see you in Saginaw. Thanks for going on tour. - Brent

Great show in Dearborn, Michigan. - Dave

We are proud of the Rialto which is the jewel of Joliet. We were in the very front row last night and you rocked it. The boys were laughing just like they do when we see the show or watch online. - Maureen

You make me laugh Red.... dont stop.....- Rich

We enjoyed your show in Clinton Twp MI!!! - Laura

Saw you in Dearborn Sunday what a show can’t wait for you to come back thanks Red. - Jeffrey


We had a great time at tonight's show You are the best Red! Please come back and visit us again real soon! - Lisa Marie

Keep your stick on the ice...we really enjoyed your show in North Tonawanda last weekend. - Eleanor

It was a great show! So glad we got to see you again. We'll have to do it again. - Karen

Just got back from the show in Branson it was awesome!!! Great Job!!! - Chad

The wife loved the show as much as I did... she likes laughing at us men! - Eric

We saw him here in PA.....it was awesome!!!! A must see for any Red Green fan and fellow member of the Possum Lodge....my wife, who rarely watched his show, loved it....she laughed so hard she had tears in her eyes!!!! – Larry

Saw your show last night in Ames we had a great time laughed the whole time pretty much. Great Show. - Brenda