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Duct Tape and Diamonds: The Great One Takes His Place Among Canada's Finest!

Get ready for Possum Lake's biggest celebration yet, folks! Our very own handyman hero, Steve Smith, has been inducted into the Canadian Hall of Fame for 2023! He is the first inductee in two categories for both Creator and Performer categories. That's right, the man who taught us the finer points of fixing things with duct tape, apologizing to inanimate objects, and living a life of purpose is now officially enshrined among the legends that have shaped this great nation. 

About The Canadian Comedy Awards And Hall Of Fame 

The Canadian Comedy Awards, established in 2000, included the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame. The first-ever inductees were chosen and honored at the inaugural Canadian Comedy Awards ceremony that same year. So, in that sense, the recognition aspect through the Hall of Fame has existed since 2000.

However, the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame as a dedicated entity with a permanent physical location is a more recent development. In 2013, the search for a permanent home began, with proposals presented to various cities. It took some time, but in 2024, Hamilton, Ontario, became the official home of the Hall of Fame. So, in terms of a physical space and dedicated organization, the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame is fairly new, only entering its second year in 2024.

A Legacy Built on More Than Just Duct Tape

From the iconic Possum Lodge to the legendary adventures of the Possum Patrol, Steve Smith has given us a world where laughter and learning go hand-in-hand. He's inspired countless Canadians to get outside, get their hands dirty, and make the most of every situation.

We here at Possum Lake couldn't be prouder. Steve's contributions to Canadian culture go far beyond just entertaining us with his quirky humor and backwoods wisdom. He's a reminder that a good heart, a can-do attitude, and a roll of duct tape can get you through just about anything. He's shown us the importance of community, respecting nature, and always keeping a sense of humor, even when the fish aren't biting and the possums are on the loose.


A Night to Remember

The three-night festival has Eugene Levy, Jim Carrey, Jo-Anna Downey, The cast of SCTV, Billy Van, Steve Smith, Martin Short, Rose Ouellette, Marie Dressler, and The Happy Gang among the newest Canadian Comedy Hall Of Fame inductees. Pat Mckenna and Graham Greene host night two on Feb 23rd, the night we get to finally see Steve take his rightful place among the country's finest, and we know you won't want to miss it either. So raise a glass of maple syrup, crank up the banjo, and join us in celebrating the Great One's well-deserved honor! 

Here are a few ways you can join the celebration:

  • Attend the event
    • Event Details: CCHOF presents "A Tribute to and the Induction of Steve Smith" MC: Pat Mckenna. Special Feature: Ron James in Concert. Appearances by Peter Keleghan, Jeff Lumby and special guests. 
      • Where: Wentworth Room at the Hamilton Convention Centre: 1 Summers Lane Hamilton Ontario L8P 4Y2, Canada
      • When: Friday February 23, 2024 
        • VIP Reception 6:00pm -7:00pm. Special ticket includes pre-show reception with hors d'oeuvres, meet & greet, VIP seating for the show & post-show reception. 
        • Show starts 7:45pm 
    • Get your tickets here or email questions at red@redgreen.com 
  • Share your favorite Red Green Show memories on social media using the hashtag #SteveSmithHOF.
  • Throw a Possum Lake-themed party and watch old episodes of the show.
  • Watch the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame Festival on Live Stream on their YouTube Channel .
  • Most importantly, keep living the Red Green way: be kind, be helpful, and never underestimate the power of duct tape.

Congratulations, Steve! You've made Possum Lake proud, and you've left an indelible mark on Canada's heart. Here's to many more years of laughter, learning, and duct tape adventures!

We'll leave you with one of Steve's most famous quotes, a fitting sentiment for this momentous occasion:

"Remember, if you can't be nice, be useful. If you can't be useful, be quiet. And if you can't be quiet, well, at least you can duct tape something to your forehead."

-Now, go forth and make Canada proud!




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