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A Poignant Moment: Steve Smith Inducted into Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame

It is with immense pride that we share the news of our esteemed Possum Lodge leader, Steve Smith, being inducted into the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame. This marks a historic milestone as Steve becomes the first individual to be recognized in two categories within this prestigious institution: as both a performer and creator.

Steve Smith on stage at the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame Induction Gala in Ontario

Photography: Ian Miculan [Soundbox Productions]

The ceremony, held in Hamilton, Ontario, was a celebration of Canadian humour in all its forms. Steve was inducted into this prestigious Hall of Fame along with other Canadian comedy greats including Martin Short, Jim Carrey, and Eugene Levy

Steve’s induction is a well-deserved recognition of his enduring contribution to Canadian entertainment. For over three decades, he has brought laughter and joy to countless lives with his creation, the iconic Red Green character. His dedication to the craft and his unwavering support for the Canadian comedy scene serve as an inspiration to aspiring artists and seasoned performers alike.

The night was made even more special by the presence of several Possum Lodge members in the audience. Seeing them cheer on Steve in true community spirit was a testament to the camaraderie and support that defines our Lodge. Their presence served as a reminder that the impact of Steve's work extends far beyond the screen, fostering a sense of belonging and connection amongst fellow Possum Lodge Members across the globe.

Photography: Donna Waxman Photography

Patrick McKenna, Jeff Lumby, Steve Smith, Peter Keleghan, and Shaun Majumder
Steve Smith who plays the iconic Red Green, signing a book for fan and Possum Lodge Member, Shaun Ricketts
Steve Smith with fans at the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame Gala
Steve Smith with fans Kay Koch and spouse at the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame Gala
Steve Smith with fans at the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame Gala
Steve Smith and fans at Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame Gala
Paul McKenna and fan
Steve Smith and fans
Steve Smith and Peter Keleghan
Steve Smith giving a thumbs up at the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame Gala


Congratulations, Steve, on this momentous achievement! You continue to make us proud to call ourselves members of the Possum Lodge. Your induction into the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame is a testament to your talent, dedication, and contribution to the comedy industry. Your legacy will continue to resonate for generations to come. 

by Eric on April 25, 2024

A true Canadian comedy icon.

by Ryan Kutzner on April 17, 2024

Thanks for all the laughs and memories Steve! Still watch all the time on YouTube with my young boys.

by Wayne N Laubscher on April 17, 2024

Congratulations to Steve Smith for this prestigious honor! I found the Red Green show by accident in the early 1990’s while watching WVIA, a PBS station. I thought, “What’s with this quirky show?”. I was then hooked and compelled to watch it weekly. In later years when Steve started doing his stand up tours, I attended all of them when he came to Wilkes-Barre, PA. My fondest memory without a doubt was when in 1997, my wife and I visited Niagara Falls and then Toronto when we were able to get in to a taping of the Red Green Show. I. of course, was dressed appropriately for the show. At the end of the taping when the lodge meeting is set up, all the “dressed folks” were called down for audience participation. When I came down with the rest, Rick Green tagged me to sit up front with the stars! Wow! I sat next to Peter Keleghan. The episode was titled “The Strange Ranger”. Thank you so much! It has been a lifelong story to tell to my friends. My best wishes to Steve, Rick, and the rest of the cast!

Wayne Laubscher
Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

by Jacquelyne on April 17, 2024

Thank you for Steve for showing us your light through Red. My dad lives on in the memories sparked through rewatching our times at the lodge when I put my daughter to sleep. She asks for Red Green. I smell the nachos and popcorn still. Thank you for being you! I couldn’t think of a man more deserving you for these laughs and happiness you have spread. From Hamilton in the U.S.A.
Keep your stick on the ice!

by Joe Fiorini on April 17, 2024

Congratulations! The accolades are well-deserved. I once had the honor of meeting Alan Doyle from the band “Great Big Sea” and told him that they were the second best thing to come out of Canada. He said, “Oh, yer a hockey fan!” I replied, “Nope. Red Green fan!” I am not entirely sure if he was amused or insulted. I stand by my words. It is an honor to be a part of the lodge (I guess). Q. O. F. M. – Tex

by Steve and Karen WISTH on April 17, 2024

Way to go Buddy. We’ve enjoyed you on TV, Live shows at South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center, Waukesha Expo Center!!!!! All over the years in Wisconsin USA. Well done and continued good health.

Steve and Karen Wisth
Jackson Wi.

by George Goddard on April 17, 2024

Well deserved! Steve is one of a kind. Would have loved to be there. I watch an episode or 2 every night on YouTube. Love ya Steve! And all the rest

by David Iverson on April 17, 2024

Long deserved honor! I’ve loved Red Green for years! First started watching when Iowa Public TV started airing Red Green. I met both Steve and Patrick at the IPTv studio in Johnston Iowa many years ago. I have a signed Red Green cap from that day. It was an honor meeting with you two then! I’m so glad that your country men have finally decided to give you the honor All Possum Lodge members have known about for years! Always remember to Keep your stick on the Ice!

by Bryan irvin on April 17, 2024

Congratulations steve!!! The red green show is a tradition in our home. Every Thanksgiving we start the red green show from the beginning and let it run through the whole day.

by Tom and Debra Bent on April 17, 2024

Congrats from the lower province, Iowa. Steve, you and the crew are now in our DVD set collection. We have em all and love them a lot. Sure wish we could know if any others of the cast were there, like Harold’s girlfriend/fiancé. (some of the most memorable episodes for us) And how about a Women’s Prayer T-shirt? Then Deb and I can REALLY strut our stuff!
Thanks for making these days we’re going through a lot brighter,
Tom and Deb

by Eric J Monroe on April 17, 2024

Very well deserved. Thank you for doing everything you do and have done.
Hope the family is well.
– Lone time lodge member.

by James Rone on April 17, 2024

Steve Smith is absolutely amazing! I grew up watching The Red Green show, And now I have my wife and kids watching it everyday!! I have to say though i was very fortunate enough to find a woman who not only finds me handsome but handy as well!!! Thank you Mr. Smith for all the laughter you have brought to me and my family!!!

by Jeffrey Hart on April 17, 2024

Congrats. Well deserved of course.

Keep your stick on the ice…

by The Heal Family on April 17, 2024

We love the Red Green Show. We binge watch on the official YouTube channel and we own the series box set and all the DVD specials. The recent announcement of the Possum Lodge membership is great. We’ll be joining soon. Can’t wait for the podcast and more Red Green.

Keep your stick on the ice,
The Heal family.

by Steve Comeau on April 17, 2024

As a second generation American from Canada and a long time Possum Lodge member, all I can say is “Congratulations eh!”

by Thomas Foryan on April 17, 2024

Thank you for the best medicine on earth laughter.

by Dustin Bernier on April 17, 2024

I love it. Congratulations!

by John Grennan on April 17, 2024

I had really wanted to be there but thought I might be out of place. Now I wish I had. I should have realized Steve is an inclusive kinda guy and the photos show other lodge members there. At any rate, his humor and the philosophy behind it has made a huge difference in my life. I came to his humor late in life. I am 76 years old but he really speaks to me.

The characters in his show constantly make me smile. Thank you and KYSOTI my friend.

John Grennan

by Russ on April 17, 2024

Very, very well deserved. A Canadian Icon if ever there was one. I will never tire of watching the Red Green Show. Great to have met you in Saint John New Brunswick a few years back. Thanks for all the laughs. 👍🏻

by Gerry lavoie on April 17, 2024

Wtg steve (red green) ive always been a big fan ,you deserve this.the handy handsome saying is what i live by .congrats.

by Rosemary Hillier on April 17, 2024

Congratulations! One of our weekly highlights was watching The Red Green Show. So many laughs, so much masking tape.

by Victor Van Tress on April 17, 2024

Timeless comedy and I’ve enjoyed every minute.

by Richard Sheffield on April 17, 2024

Long overdue. One of the great comedic writers and minds. Cograts. I’ll raise a Molson to you. OK, a 6 pack. OK, a case. But. I’ll drink the case first since it’s too heavy to raise full.

by Vin Smith on April 17, 2024

Congratulations Steve!
It’s about time you received the recognition you have earned over years of making many people laugh about the human condition. It has been a long time since this man from Buffalo NY first saw you on PBS. I can’t tell you how excited I was to discover your channel on sling. I have passed on the enjoyment your show brings to my sons and will continue the legacy on my new grandson. Congratulations again and thank you for the many happy memories.

by Joseph Douziech on April 17, 2024

great your pictures! hope your future best one ! thumb-up !


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