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The Red Green Show Cast of Characters: Seen, Heard, and Named

Did you ever watch a Canadian comedy that poked fun at home improvement shows and outdoor programs? That's The Red Green Show in a nutshell. It was a hilarious sitcom and sketch comedy hybrid that ran for 15 seasons, from 1991 to 2006. The show found a big audience in the United States, airing on over 100 PBS stations at its peak. The show was never canceled. At sixty years old, Steve Smith (A.KA. Red) wound the showdown in 2006. The Red Green Show ran for fifteen years and you can stream it and watch it for free on YouTube. Here is the zany cast of characters along with links to Red Green Show YouTube episodes so you can check them out.  Some characters are seen and heard while others are only mentioned on the show. 





Meet Arnie Dogan, a roofer with a dream! This accident-prone fellow (played by Albert Schultz) showed up in seasons six through eight of the show. Despite constantly getting hurt and needing braces and such, Arnie insists roofing is his true calling. Arnie's other passion is country music, and he's written a whopping 17,000 songs (though most aren't exactly hits). Unfortunately, the lodge members he likes to perform for aren't always thrilled to hear his music. Watch The Red Green Show Ep 122 "Sedgwick the Tenant" (1996 Season)



Bernice Green (Red’s Wife)

Bernice isn't always thrilled with Red's wild bunch at the lodge. She tries to pull him out of his comfort zone, suggesting fancy restaurants and cultural outings, but things rarely go smoothly. Remember that "love letter" from Red's ex? Turns out it was a sweet note from his mom!  Watch the other Bernice in this episode. The Red Green Show Ep 103 "The Network Deal" (1995 Season)

Bill Smith 

Bill, the star of "Adventures with Bill," is the king of clumsy! These hilarious silent skits, narrated by Red, show Bill (played by Rick Green) and sometimes others attempting simple tasks that turn into disaster zones. Imagine slapstick comedy at its finest. Bill tries things like chopping wood, playing sports, or building a shelf, but everything goes hilariously wrong. Watch one of these black and white beauties now. The Red Green Show - S01 E01 "The Big Outboard"

Blair Cobden 

Blair has his own show in Port Asbestos. He is always riding around in his snowmobile whether it is snowing or not and is known for living on the edge and in the danger zone. He once hit a moose with a forklift and had his driver's license revoked. And a fun fact, he has a metal plate in his head. Check him out here. The Red Green Show Ep 271 "The Lodge Election" (2004 Season)


Bobby (Stephen Doornekamp) a Saint Catherine's Boy Scout, appears several times in this single episode including in an outdoor survival ability gameshow against Red. Check it out! The Red Green Show Ep 240 "Never Send A Man" (2002 Season)

Bob Stuyvesant

Bob Stuyvesant works for the Ministry of Natural Resources and is a golf know-it-all all (though he is terrible at this sport), often taking wild slices and sending his ball into water or bushes, prompting an instant temper tantrum and causing him to throw his golf club. Bob has been married five times. When out golfing, Bob purports to be "conducting undercover research" for the Ministry, claiming that he is taking soil and air samples. He once claimed that his golf ball was a "dimpled ergonometer", and that his putter was a "wind speed calibration wrench". You can watch his antics now via YouTube. The Red Green Show Ep 15 "Hot Water Bottle" (1991 Season)

Bonnie Green

Bonnie (Laurie Elliot) is a nerd and a professional truck driver from Port Asbestos. She and Harold met on the internet in the last episode of Season 13. They get married at Possum Lodge in the final episode with Red officiating the ceremony. Bonnie and Harold eventually have two children, a boy and a girl. Check out. The Red Green Show Ep 263 "Cyber Girl" (2003 Season)


Buster Hadfield

An extremely lazy divorcee who once spent more time at the Lodge than at home. His daughter Susie once stole Harold's lunch money, but it was later found that she might have feelings for Harold and did that to get his attention, which of course, went nowhere. Here is an episode where he is mentioned.  The Red Green Show Ep 7 "He-Man Contest" (1991 Season)


Buzz Sherwood

Meet Buzz Sherwood, the resident daredevil pilot of Possum Lake! This energetic fella in his forties isn't your typical aviator. He zooms around in his little Cessna seaplane, which he parks right at the Possum Lodge dock, with a smile that's as wide as a wingspan. Folks know Buzz for his outlandish adventures and booming laugh that echoes across the lake. He might greet you with a playful punch in the arm (watch out, Red and Harold!), but this overgrown kiddo is all about good times. He even runs his own flying service, Buzz Off Airlines – just don’t expect a quiet ride. The Red Green Show Ep 49 "Maple Syrup" (1993 Season)


Charlie Farquharson

Season 13 of the show welcomes grumpy Charlie Farquharson, a permanent fixture at Possum Lodge from then on. Hailing from Parry Sound, Known for his crotchety attitude, he's saddled with a super lazy son named Orville. While Charlie's appearances are few and far between in seasons 13 and 14, the character himself has a long history. Don Harron, the actor behind Charlie, first brought him to life in 1952 on CBC's The Big Revue. Fun fact: American audiences might recognize Charlie from the comedy show Hee Haw, where Harron played him as a news announcer for over a decade! The Red Green Show Ep 246 "You've Got Oil" (2003 Season)




Meet Dale, the fresh face in town! This polite and level-headed young man works part-time pumping gas while hitting the books at night school. Unlike the Possum Lake regulars, Dale throws a healthy dose of skepticism into the mix, often countering Red's wild stories and jokes. His debut in season nine left everyone scratching their heads. Not only did Dale fail to recognize the iconic Possum Van, but he'd never even heard of the legendary Possum Lodge – both unheard of for a true local! Dale continued to pop up throughout the season, fueling Red's gas tank (literally and figuratively) and occasionally finding himself the innocent bystander (or even victim) in the lodge's usual chaos. The Red Green Show Ep 176 "Harold's Job" (1999 Season)


Dalton Humphrey

Dalton, the penny-pinching owner of Humphrey's Everything Store, is one of Red's closest buddies and among the lodge's few financial success stories. However, his frugality borders on extreme – he's a notorious cheapskate who loves a good bargain (sometimes at the expense of honesty). When he's not grumbling about his store, Dalton complains about his rocky marriage to Ann Marie and their spendthrift daughter. The Red Green Show "The Beef Project" Ep 73 (1994)


Doc Render

Meet "Doc" Render, the Possum Lodge medic with a colourful reputation. While he might patch you up in a pinch, his medical expertise is...well, let's just say he embellishes things a bit. Doc also has a fondness for the lottery and casinos, which often lands him in hot water. He's known to borrow money from the guys, but returning it rarely crosses his mind. Let's just say his generosity extends about as far as his medical knowledge! The Red Green Show Ep 26 "Doc's Loan" (1992 Season)


Dougie Franklin

Dougie Franklin, the flashy American import, rolls into Possum Lake in a monstrous Meals on 4 Wheels truck he affectionately calls "Imelda." This self-proclaimed ladies' man and car guru boasts expertise in both departments, despite a string of unsuccessful dates and a collection of automotive mishaps. Part of the problem? Dougie's a bit confused by Canadian traffic laws, and his driving style could charitably be called "enthusiastic." Fun fact: Dougie's brother Ben even makes a few appearances, played by none other than Ian's real-life sibling, Dave Thomas of SCTV fame! The Red Green Show - S01 E02 "The Elvis Sighting"

Douglas Hendrychuck

Douglas Hendrychuck, the lodge's penny-pinching treasurer (played by David Huband), is a man on a mission: to protect every last dime. He's notorious for scrutinizing every expense and voicing his disapproval for anything he deems frivolous. If a member requests funding for something he considers silly, brace yourself for a lecture on fiscal responsibility! 0:06 / 24:15

The Red Green Show Ep 26 "Doc's Loan" (1992 Season)

Dwayne Dortman

Dwayne Dortman, Murray's dimwitted Assistant The Red Green Show Ep 29 "The Sing Along Machine" (1992 Season)

Dwight Cardiff

Dwight works as the operator at the Port Asbestos Marina. While he occasionally makes appearances at the Lodge for the show, even that seems like a chore for him. Dwight avoids any activity that requires even the slightest movement. He even has a fancy term for simply standing in the rain - "passive environmental interaction." The Red Green Show Ep 193 "Sausage Envy" (2000 Season)


Eddie Johnson​​

Eddie Johnson, the Cook with who’s dream is to perform on Broadway. The Red Green Show Ep 27 "Missing" (1992 Season)


Ed Frid

Possum Lake's animal control department has a rather unlikely hero in Ed Frid (played by Jerry Schaefer). While he technically holds the title of second officer (after Garth Harble, played by Derek McGrath), Ed's true superpower is fear. Yes, fear of animals! From the tiniest creatures to the biggest beasts, Ed believes they're all out to get him. The Red Green Show Ep. 169 "The Mayor Race" from the 1998 Season


Edgar K. B. Montrose

Edgar's passion for explosives is as clear as his singed overalls and his perpetually perched (but rarely ear-covering) cracked helmet. He claims his love affair with blowing things up started young, fueled by childhood afternoons spent glued to Road Runner cartoons. The Red Green Show "The Beef Project" Ep 73 (1994)



Flinty McClintock

Meet Willie Dunn, a man of many hats (or perhaps helmets in his case). He runs a scrap metal yard, a tow service, and the not-so-thrilling "African Lion Safari." The Red Green Show "The Storm Damage Project" Ep 83 (1994)

Fuzzy Norton

Fuzzy has odd real estate that Red considers buying in The Red Green Show "Expropriation" Ep 152 (1997)



Glen Brackston

Five heart attacks and seven daughters haven't exactly instilled a love of hard work in Glen. In the early seasons, his obsession with his RV took priority over everything else. Later, he joined Red for the "Boating Tips" segment, where he'd dispense wisdom on boat care. However, Glen's definition of "boating tips" often involved Red doing the actual work while Glen cited his fragile health as an excuse. The Red Green Show Ep 13 "Whittling Contest" (1991 Season)



Hap Shaughnessy

Possum Lake's water taxi captain, Hap Shaughnessy (played by Gordon Pinsent), is a local legend...well, a legend in his own mind at least. Hap is notorious for his outlandish stories. Buckle up, because you're about to hear about the time he donned Santa's coat, jammed with the Rolling Stones, or wrangled tigers in Kenya. The truth? Everyone knows Hap embellishes (a lot). The Red Green Show Ep 188 "Hurricane Doug" (1999 Season)


Harold Green

Harold Green (played by Patrick McKenna) is Red's nephew and the designated tech wiz behind "The Red Green Show." Think of him as the brains (and sometimes the exasperation) of the operation. The Red Green Show Ep 300 "Do As I Do" (2005 Season Series FINALE)


Helmut Wintergarden

Helmut Wintergarden, the Head of Maintenance works on the pumps, but they continue to leak. The Red Green Show Ep 25 "The Putter Attack" (1992 Season)



Jack the Hermit

Meet Jack (played by Tim Sims), the advertising exec who’s become a full-fledged conspiracy theorist. Jack’s got a family, but his anxieties about the world run wild. Cold War paranoia? You bet. Environmental doom? Absolutely. Terrorists, lawyers, dictators – they’re all out to get him! The Red Green Show Ep 3 "The UFO" (1991 Season)


Jimmy MacVey

Jimmy MacVey (played by Will Millar) is a Scottish postal worker with a dream – to restore a beat-up wooden boat. But Jimmy's dedication might be a bit much. This "spare time" project seems to have consumed all his time, leading to the unfortunate consequence of his wife leaving him. The Red Green Show Ep 3 "The UFO" (1991 Season)


Junior Singleton- 

Possum Lodge has its share of unique characters, and Junior (no relation to Red) is definitely one of them. He met his wife Noreen at a tool swap (talk about a meet-cute!), and their love story even got its own episode. The Red Green Show Ep 141 "The Stag Party" (1996 Season)



Noel Christmas

Possum Lodge needs security, and that's where Noel Christmas (played by Kevin Frank) comes in. But his enthusiasm for the job can backfire, creating more chaos than he prevents. The Red Green Show Ep 25 "The Putter Attack" (1992 Season)



Lloyd Carson

Vague references were all we had on Lloyd until season eleven, when "The Missile Crisis" revealed a man with a penchant for camouflage and a colorful marital history. The Red Green Show Ep 239 "The Missile Crisis" (2002 Season)




Mike Hamar

Despite a past riddled with crime and a stint in federal prison, Mike (played by Wayne Robson) finds himself welcomed into the Possum Lodge community on parole. While not exactly handy, Mike becomes a close friend of Red, often lending a (sometimes clumsy) helping hand around the lodge. His low self-esteem and tendency for poor planning often lead to comedic situations, requiring encouragement from his newfound friends. Notably, Mike remains the only one who consistently addresses Red as "Mr. Green." In a surprising turn of events, the finale reveals Mike's unlikely rise to become Possum Lake's police chief. Interestingly, the town's crime rate plummets to zero – perhaps a consequence of Mike's own criminal past finally catching up to him. The Red Green Show "The Owl Project" Ep 74 (1994)

Moose Thompson

Though some might say Moose is a bit slow on the uptake, his easygoing nature makes him a beloved member of the group. He even once contemplated a name change to "Moose Johnson," perhaps seeking a moniker that felt a touch less...well, imposing. The Red Green Show - S01 E01 "The Big Outboard"


Murray Woolworth

Murray Woolworth (Ed Sahely), the proprietor of the local store, has a reputation for being less than honest. Customers whisper about inflated prices for shoddy goods, and Murray's ironclad policy against returns ensures his pockets stay perpetually lined. The Red Green Show Ep 29 "The Sing Along Machine" (1992 Season)



Old Man Sedgewick

Orville Lloyd Dutton Manly Alvin Norbert "Old Man" Sedgewick. Old Man Sedgewick helped build Possum Lodge and made a deal with its original members to allow him to move into the building whenever he wanted. His age is never officially disclosed but he has a ninety-seven-year-old son, and both of his parents are still alive (his father being nicknamed "Dead Man Walking Sedgewick"). Sedgewick is often described as being irritable and suffering from senility, for which he takes medication.  The Red Green Show Ep 3 "The UFO" (1991 Season)



Ranger Gord

Peter Keleghan brings to life Ranger Gord, the solitary soul who mans Fire Watch Tower 13 (and later, Tower 3). Despite his official title being Gordon Ranger, he prefers the simpler "Ranger Gord." 3:42 / 24:11

The Red Green Show - S01 E01 "The Big Outboard"


Red Green

Red Green, the ever-optimistic host and resident handyman of The Red Green Show, presides over Possum Lodge. A firm believer in duct tape's problem-solving prowess (he calls it "the handyman's secret weapon"), Red has been happily married to Bernice for 28 years (as of 1994-1995). His signature look is unmistakable: a flannel shirt, khaki pants, topped off with red and green suspenders, and a classic Canadian military hat.  The Red Green Show - S01 E01 "The Big Outboard"



Stinky Peterson

Stinky Peterson, true to his name, possesses a legendary and somewhat hazardous odor. His personal hygiene habits leave much to be desired, prompting Harold to once question if the stench was even toxic. Red, ever the optimist, assures everyone it's merely unpleasant, evidenced by the healthy canaries chirping by Stinky's door (a testament to the non-lethal nature of the smell, perhaps?). However, one episode saw Stinky's questionable habits reach new heights. Burning his mattress unleashed a noxious cloud that engulfed the Lodge, forcing Red, Mike, and Dalton to seek refuge until the air cleared. The Red Green Show "Practical Joke Week" Ep. 5 (1991)



Wally "Kickback" Kibler

Possum Lake's Mayor has faced accusations of corruption... 

The Red Green Show Ep. 169 "The Mayor Race" from the 1998 Season



Walter (Joel Harris) is a youthful lodge member who first appeared in season 9 and remained through season 14. He is mostly seen in the renamed "Adventures" segment, which took the place of the "Adventures with Bill" segment when Rick Green (who portrayed Bill) had left the cast to work on the series History Bites. Walter considered himself a handyman and possessed extraordinary physical strength which Red attributed in part to the fact that he did not have a girlfriend. He shared many traits with Bill, including being accident-prone, rarely speaking, and very rarely appearing outside the "Adventures" segments. The episode "The IQ Test" reveals that Walter is a police officer by trade. The Red Green Show Ep 178 "Lady in Red" (1999 Season).


Winston Rothschild III

Meet Winston, the friendly face behind Rothschild's Sewage and Septic Sucking Services. He's not just a one-man pumping crew, though; Winston joins Red Green and the gang at Possum Lodge, lending a hand (and often a motivational quote) whenever needed. The Red Green Show "The Beef Project" Ep 73 (1994).



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