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More Than Just a Shirt: Dixxon Unravels the Fabric of The Red Green Show

Established in 2013, Dixxon Flannel Co. began with the goal of creating the world’s best flannel. Based in Tempe, Arizona, the company specializes in high-quality flannel shirts and other apparel for men and women. Their focus is on using durable materials and classic designs at affordable prices. We recently collaborated with Dixxon for a New Era Limited Edition Dixxon 2.0 Flannel. We sat down with Chris Vallely, COO of Production at Dixxon Flannel Co., to ask him about the company and his thoughts on the Red Green Show.


I see that you have been with Dixxon for the past seven years. What first drew you to work for the company, and what was your role? 

Danny, my brother-in-law, started the company ten years ago. At the time, I was working for my uncle in product development and brand management. We acquired a clothing company in 2014, so I quickly had to learn the apparel manufacturing process. After a family dinner, Danny and I were discussing his business and some issues that happen in the early stages of launching a brand when Danny asked me if I’d be willing to help him oversee the production side of the business. For the next four years, I managed the majority of our apparel production while still working my day job. Through the years, I slowly took on more roles - email marketing, social media management, etc - before moving over to Dixxon full-time at the beginning of 2020 and taking over the COO position.

What do you think sets Dixxon apart from other apparel companies? 

We always focus on the details and the “why” behind making our products. We don’t make products just to put something out on the market. One of our internal mantras or phrases that we use is “Classics Redefined,” and we use that at the root of all of our product development and design.

What makes the D-Tech material so unique or different from other flannel materials in other brands?

Elaborating on the question above, we always start with the “why” of the product and try to make an everyday staple even better. As big flannel fans, there is nothing better than a fresh flannel, but one of our biggest complaints is that most flannels look like garbage after the first wash. To solve that, we developed our own fabric that, unlike most traditional flannels, doesn’t wrinkle, shrink or fade. We also add hidden collar buttons to keep the collars flat and crisp while still keeping a clean and finished look.

What do you think was the most unique Dixxon Collaboration?

The one that we are most excited about is the series of Metallica flannels. The collaboration is something we have been working on for the last 2+ years. We’ve released two so far in the series and have several more dropping over the next couple of years.

I think the most unique collaboration we have done is either the Travis Pastrana Red White & Braap party shirt that has a giant graphic of him and presidents jumping his Subaru BRAT or the two new camo pattern flannels we just dropped this year with Black Rifle Coffee Company.


Anything new in your apparel line that we can look forward to from Dixxon next year? 

We are constantly extending our lines of flannel shirts and jackets. With most of our items being produced in limited production runs, we are constantly releasing new designs and new limited-edition collaborations. From a new product standpoint, I think I’m most excited about our slippers that just dropped - we spent years working on them - or our new extended line of backpacks and duffle bags that will be dropping this summer. Our first line did really well this year, so we are extending the line.

And lastly, have you ever watched the Red Green Show? If so, who is your favorite character? 

I hadn’t watched it until we discussed the first collaboration last year. Of course, when we were approached with the opportunity, I had to do some research. Thankfully, you can watch them all on YouTube and through streaming, so I went on a deep dive. There are many great characters, but I think my favorite has to be Red. He’s just so easy to love and full of puns. His handyman corner segment is what I look forward to the most.

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by Joe Di Donato on April 17, 2024

I have as many shows in my Prime Video collection that I could find Starting w/ the 1991 series. Also all the character segments. Loved the movie. Favorite character? whoa!!! I get a big kick out of all of them! I have been using the “handy man’s tool” for a long time, good stuff


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