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The Red Green “New Era” Limited Edition Dixxon 2.0 Flannel
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    The Red Green “New Era” Limited Edition Dixxon 2.0 Flannel

      Embrace the rugged charm and humorous spirit of The Red Green Show with our latest collaboration: a limited edition flannel that combines Dixxon's renowned quality with iconic Red Green Show aesthetics. This unique piece is designed to appeal not only to die-hard fans but also to introduce new buyers to a blend of classic style and playful nostalgia.

      For the first time, we're offering kids' and women's sizes, making this a perfect pick for the entire family!


      Product Details:

      Thoughtful Design for Everyday Use: Featuring a full button-up closure with custom button sleeve cuffs, and dual button-down flap chest pockets with a handy utility slot.

      The center box pleat enhances the range of motion, offering extra comfort in the chest, back, and shoulders without compromising fit.

      Front: The flannel boasts a vibrant blend of blues, reds, and whites, capturing the essence and inspiration of The Red Green Show.

      Chest Pocket Tag: Nestled on the chest pocket, a discreet yet distinctive tag bears the renowned logo of The Red Green Show.

      Custom Buttons: Engraved with the Possum Lodge Motto, "Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati," which whimsically translates to "when all else fails, you're better off dead," it's a nod to the quirky, light-hearted wisdom that The Red Green Show fans cherish. This unique button is not only a fastener for your shirt; it's a conversation starter, a reminder of the show's legacy, and a symbol of the can-do, humorous outlook that defines the Possum Lodge.

      Inside: Microfiber chamois cloth, adorned with the show's iconic red color and featuring the upsidedown Possum Lodge Possum. Whether you're wiping off your glasses after a comical mishap or cleaning your device screen to catch another episode of The Red Green Show, this cloth is there to ensure you see things clearly - both literally and figuratively

      Neck Tag: Custom crafted neck tag, featuring the emblematic Possum Lodge Crest. Colored to match the flannel's distinct palette of blues, reds, and whites, this tag is more than just a label—it's a tribute.

      Plus: Each shirt tag doubles with the novelty of a collectible sticker. Don’t throw it away!

      Tailored Details: Mitered edges on chest pockets and sleeve cuffs provide a tailored finish, while hidden collar-stay buttons keep your look sharp. The hanging loop above the neck label offers convenient storage.

      Fit: The flannel runs big, offering a relaxed fit that's true to Dixxon's style. For a slimmer fit, we recommend sizing down.

      Fabric: Dixxon’s signature D-Tech™ polyester blend, this flannel offers the soft, breathable comfort needed for active lifestyles, while ensuring durability for the long haul. Its unique construction resists shrinking and wrinkling, ensuring your flannel looks as good as new, wash after wash – no ironing or dry cleaning needed.

      Care: To maintain the integrity and vibrant colors of your flannel, machine wash in cold water with like colors and hang dry, or tumble dry on the lowest heat setting. 

      Offered: Limited stock - available until they are sold out


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 199 reviews
      Gavin G.
      Dixxon Red Green Flannel shirts (both versions)

      I am fortunate to procure the original Dixxon Red Green flannel and the more recent version 2.0. I am impressed by the quality materials used to make these flannels as the attention to detail undertook such as the inscribed buttons and the possum lodge logo sewn under the collar. I would buy more if they had more shirts in stock that are my size.

      Highly recommend to anyone.

      John “.W.
      Wow! What a great shirt!

      Slip this shirt on and listen for the call of the Possum signaling the Lodge Meeting! I was concerned about if they would fit me since most sizes are gone. The best I could do was order a size small right from Dixxon’s website….once they’re gone, they’re gone. I decided to go for it and surprisingly they fit! I ordered two and very glad I did. They are very well built and very comfortable. Sadly one shirt was missing a cuff link button, but I’m sure based on the high quality of the shirts it was just a fluke. There is a hidden button sewed on in case something like this happens and I have reached out to Dixxon for a replacement button. Having said that they are the most impressive flannel shirts I have ever owned! If a 3X fits you jump on the band wagon while you can and order one from the Red Green Store, you won’t be sorry!


      Total quality flannel shirt, none made better !!

      Anthony M.
      Very nice

      Well made, authentic looking. I'm told I look like Red Green so I might as well embrace it.

      Rik A.

      Will wear this with pride, along with my red-Green suspenders.