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      Hey there, future Lodge Member! We get it; you've got a budget tighter than a duct-taped canoe, but fear not! Our Possum Lodge Membership is here to rescue your wallet from financial despair. At the low, low price of $1.99 per month, it's a deal so good that Red Green himself would give it two thumbs up (and probably tape them together).

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      • Possum Lodge Guest Members Access. Get a foot in the door (literally) and start your journey into our slightly crazy, always entertaining, and somewhat unconventional world. It's a sneak peek into the madness, and trust us, you'll want more!
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      • Exclusive Content: Picture this: you, cozy at home, enjoying a first-class ticket to the most hilarious and heartwarming moments.
      • Unlimited Laughter: At Possum Lodge, we take laughter seriously. Enjoy a plethora of classic skits, one-liners, and memorable moments that have made The Red Green Show a comedy institution for decades.
      • Community: Connect with fellow fans who share your love for Red Green, Harold, and the whole gang. Swap stories, discuss your favorite episodes, and connect with like-minded enthusiasts.
      • More to Come At the Possum Lodge, we believe that the best ideas come from fans like you (including this revamp!). So, consider yourself an honorary Lodge innovator – share your thoughts, ideas, and wildest dreams with us. Your vision is our mission!

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Robert P.
      Wonderful show!

      So glad to hear Red and company again after all these years. I've been listening to the podcast since he started them. Keep up the good work!

      Fun podcast

      I've enjoyed RedGreen since the very beginning. Can't believe you've had 4 years of these podcasts already. Love that I can still download them to listen in the truck and the slight discount for a yearly membership. The only complaint I have from moving from patreon is there isn't an email when new episodes drop and I have to remember to check in.

      Scott Y.

      Possum Lodge Membership - Guest

      Erik D.
      It's great to hear these guys again.

      I watched this show on PBS many years ago, and it's wonderful to hear everyone again. Brings back great memories.


      Excited to be here! Can't wait for more great stuff from the Red Green team!