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Possum Lodge Vinyl Sticker Bundle
Possum Lodge Crest Sticker on a Laptop
Keep Your Stick on the Ice Round Bumper Sticker on Red Car
Keep Your Stick On the Ice Words Bumper Sticker on White Truck
KYSOTI Possum Lodge Crest Bumper Sticker on Car Bumper
Rothschild's Sewage & Septic Sucking Services Vinyl Sticker
Handy > Handsome Duct Tape Red Green Show Bumper Sticker
Keep Your Stick on the Ice Vinyl Round Sticker The Official Red Green Show
Keep Your Stick on the Ice Vinyl Sticker with Hockey Puck
KYSOTI Possum Crest Kelly Green Bumper Sticker
Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati Vinyl Sticker
Possum Lodge Crest Sticker

    Possum Lodge Member's Only Seven Sticker Bundle


      By popular demand - The Possum Lodge Member's Only Seven Sticker Bundle - This exclusive collection brings together our beloved sticker designs in one ultimate package, perfect for true fans and newcomers alike. Each sticker is crafted from high-quality, weatherproof, and UV-resistant vinyl, ensuring that your Possum pride shines bright, no matter the weather.

      1.. Handy > Handsome Bumper Sticker (11.5" x 3") - Flaunt your handyman skills and Red Green wisdom with this durable vinyl bumper sticker. Ideal for vehicles, this sticker reminds everyone that being handy is just as good as being handsome.

      2. Keep Your Stick On The Ice Bumper Sticker (11.5" x 3") - A declaration of enduring Possum Lodge values, perfect for trucks, boats, or any surface that needs a dash of humor. 

      3. Keep Your Stick On The Ice Custom Vinyl Sticker (5" x 5") - Smaller in size but equally impactful, this sticker fits perfectly on your hockey stick or water bottle.

      4. Possum Lodge Crest Sticker (5" x 5") - Display your membership pride with the Possum Lodge Crest, a symbol of unity and humor.

      5. Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati Sticker (5" x 5") - When all else fails, this sticker will still stand strong. A perfect reminder of the lodge's motto.

      6. Rothschild's Sewage & Septic Sucking Services Sticker (5" x 5") - Show your support for Possum Lake’s favorite septic service with this unique and humorous sticker.

      7. Official Red Green Show "Keep Your Stick on the Ice" Round Sticker (5" x 5") - A classic round design that celebrates the heart and soul of the Red Green Show.

      Product Details: 

      Material: Custom Vinyl

      Size: 5" x 5" Die Cut & 11.5" x 3" 

      Details: 3.2 mil thick block bubble-free adhesive

      Care: Weatherproof and UV Resistant 

      Offered: Member's Only


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