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Miniature Possum Lodge Collection
Miniature Possum Lodge with Removable Top
Miniature Possum Lodge Collection with USB Drive
Red Green's Signature and Item number
Side view of the Possum Lodge Miniature
Miniature Possum Lodge Collection Close-up View of International Possum Brotherhood Emblem on front door

    Possum Lodge Miniature Lodge - Limited Edition Plus All 300 Episode Hard Drive


      This miniature masterpiece features intricate details including a carved sign on the roof and the Possum Lodge crest on the front door. The removable roof reveals a USB External Hard Drive inside, providing instant access to every episode of The Red Green Show, television specials, the Duct Tape Forever Feature Film, and Red’s Live Tours.

      Immerse yourself in Possum Lodge history with this exclusive release!

      Limited Edition:

      This exclusive collection is limited to only 500 units. Each Lodge is a unique collector's item, numbered and personally signed by Red Green himself.

      What is included: 

      Access: All 300 of The Red Green Show episodes, television specials, the Duct Tape Forever Feature Film, plus all four of Red’s Live Tours.

      Hard Drive: USB External Hard Drive which can be easily removed from the Lodge and plugged into your laptop, TV or DVD player.

      Interior LED Lighting: The interior USB-powered LED lights come with a remote control to allow you to match the Lodge to your mood.

      Offered: Until Sold Out. There were only 500 built and there will never be any more!


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Richard R.
      Possum Lodge Miniature Lodge

      I've been wanting this for a long time and so glad I was able to get one. The lodge itself is very nice and the lights with the remote control are a cool feature. I always enjoyed the show when it was broadcast on PBS and continue to enjoy them streaming on the internet. Now I've got all 300 episodes to watch without having to stream them and I get to enjoy all of the specials, live tours, and Duct Tape Forever that I've been missing. A great tribute to a hilarious show. Quando omni flunkus, moritati


      You may be asking yourself: "Are these 2 items worth the 300 dollar (USD) asking price?"

      To most people I would say, no.

      I don't see most people shelling out that kind of cash for these 2 items, but I'm not most people.

      As a huge fan of the show and the characters there-in, I love these 2 items.

      And I personally think that the colored light changing Possum Lodge Model is a great conversation piece and it's great owning the entire Red Green Show and most of the supplemental material that exists officially on its own dedicated USB hard drive.

      I would love it if in the future (maybe once all 500 of these have been sold) would sell just the USB hard drive with the show on it and Possum Lodge Sticker on the front in their online shop.

      I think most fans of the show who don't own the dvds would pay $80.00 (USD) for an official drive with the entire show on it. (Slightly more than a 50 disc DVD set and way smaller so we save trees)