Red Green suspenders folded in a 'V' shape.
Red Green Show Suspenders with Detailed Images of Alligator Clip Fasteners and Emblem on back
A photo of the suspenders next to zoomed in photos of the buckle and center of the suspender.
Red Green Suspenders with Belt Clip Fastener
Close up of the Belt Clip Fastener
Red Green Suspenders with Alligator Clip Fastener
Detail of Alligator Clip Fastener on Red Green Suspenders
Detail of Alligator Clip Fastener on Red Green Suspenders
Close up of the Perry Suspenders logo

    Red Green Suspenders


      This is a holdup! The signature red and green suspenders worn by the Lodge leader himself. Wear them while you watch the show so you can suspend your pants and your disbelief. And they'll always fit you because at your age you may put on weight but you won't put on height. Durable, adjustable, and undeniably stylish – just like the Lodge leader himself.  

      One of our most popular items. These are high-quality Perry Brand suspenders, custom-made. The large size is 48", Extra large is 54" 

      Due to popular demand: Now with two types of clips to choose from!

      Alligator Clip Style: The alligator clip style allows for easy attachment directly to your pants, ensuring a secure hold without the need for a belt.

      Belt Clip Style:  These suspenders feature a unique belt clip attachment mechanism that allows them to be easily secured to your belt. Simply slide the clip onto your belt for a secure and comfortable fit. Please note: A belt is required.


      Product Details

      Fit: Large = 48”; X-Large = 54”

      Fabric: Made from rigid polypropylene webbing. This allows them to withstand a high amount of force without breaking and dimensional stability so they maintain their shape very well. 

      Features: Choose from Belt Clip or Alligator Clip fasteners

      Care: Hand wash and air dry

      Offered: All year round


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 54 reviews

      Over 5 years of daily wear as a mechanic, welder, blacksmith, and other jobs; they held up great with my toolbelts. Sparks took their toll though but will definitely get another pair.

      Patrick Q.
      Suspended Belief!!!

      My wife says I look like Red!!! Perfect fit!

      Maurice M.

      Love the fact of the suspender straps are slightly wider than the usual suspender straps you get buying Perry suspenders at a retail store. Everything I wanted… And more!

      Anthony M.

      Nice quality, solid, Just like the man himself wears.

      Kathy S.

      The old man loves 'em!